A lady buying gas in Utah

Why are Gas Prices Going Up in Utah?

Why are gas prices going up in Utah? What are the gas prices in Utah? If you are a resident of Utah and you ask these or related questions, you will get the answers right away.

Residents of the United States, including the residents of Utah, wonder why gas prices in the country are increasing daily.

Thus, you want to find out the factors responsible for the high cost of gas there. Knowing the cause of high gas prices will also help them understand why the prices have continued to rise in 2023.

Why are gas prices going up in Utah?

How much is gas in Utah?

The price the residents of Utah buy gas depends on the gas station and the location. Moreover, it also depends on other factors like the time of the year, the day of the week, and the global price of crude oil. The average gas price in Utah in 2023 is $3.75 per gallon.

The table below shows the price of gas in Utah according to different locations and gas stations.

Cheapest Gas Prices in Utah
Price Station Address
3.74 Thomas Petroleum 1070 W 200 N Logan Jun 4,1:56 PM 1070 W 200 N
3.76 Chevron 925 N Main St Fillmore Jun 4,9:25 AM 925 N Main St
3.89 Cash Sinclair 994 E St George Blvd St George Jun 4,10:38 PM 994 E St George Blvd
3.89 Shell 885 S Park Ave Fillmore Jun 4,2:44 PM 885 S Park Ave

What is the highest gas has ever been in Utah?

Utah has been known for its high cost of gas, and the residents have learned to live with it. However, there are times and moments when the prices go up and become unbearable for the state residents, especially drivers.

That was the case in 2022, when the city experienced its highest gas prices, as residents of the state were buying unleaded gas for $5.259 and Diesel for $5.799.

Gypsy Cottam pumps gas even as prices rose to more than $5 a gallon at a Chevron in Salt Lake City on Thursday, June 9, 2022.

A lady buying gas in Utah

Why are gas prices going up in Utah?

Why are gas prices going up in Utah? Being an oil-producing state with its own refineries, gas prices in Utah should be less expensive than its neighbors like Arizona. On the contrary, Utah is one of the states with the highest gas prices in America, with its average above the national average.

However, there is an explanation for this. So, Why are gas prices going up in Utah?

The number one reason is the regional crises in that part of the country, which means that Utah’s refineries have stopped refining crude oil. Thus, the state imports the gas its residents use, leading to increased cost of the product due to the cost of importation. Plus, the added tax on gas in the state to cover such expenses.

Secondly, there is a cut in global production of crude oil by members of OPEC, which has led to increased demand and a low supply of crude oil. This directly affects crude oil prices in all parts of the world, including Utah.

Then, the war in Ukraine and Russia has also impacted gas prices globally, including in Utah. The ban on Russian oil has led to a reduction in crude oil exportation globally, making the product more expensive.

Where does Utah get its gas?

Among the states in America, Utah is one of those that have natural gas reserves, with Utah’s conventional natural gas production mostly concentrated within the Uinta Basin in Uintah, Grand, and Summit Counties. In addition, there are gas reserves in Tight gas sands, shale gas, and coalbed methane, and they all contribute to Utah’s natural gas production.

However, the state has imported its gas due to the crises in that region, which has made the state stop refining its crude oil.

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