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Why are Gas Prices Going Up in NC?

Why are gas prices going up in NC? What factors lead to high gas prices in North Carolina? When will they come down? These are some of the questions that bother residents of NC, especially drivers in the state. Get the answers below.

North Carolina is one of the states with the lowest gas prices in America. However, the price of gas in the city has continued to rise slowly and steadily, leading to many questions on the causes. In addition, they also want to know when gas prices in the state will go down.

If you have such questions in mind, this article is for you because I have used it to answer all the questions related to gas prices in North Carolina.

Let’s go!!!

How much is gas in North Carolina right now?

Residents of NC looking for gas in the state can buy gas for different prices depending on the quality of gas they want. Those interested in buying premium gas will surely pay higher than drivers who want regular gas. Moreover, the cost of gas in North Carolina also depends on the gas station and your location in the state.

You will get the current gas prices in NC with the changes it has undergone over time, showing that gas prices in North Carolina are not stable.

Regular Premium
Current Avg. $3.263 $3.994
Yesterday Avg. $3.267 $3.995
Week Ago Avg. $3.315 $4.046
Month Ago Avg. $3.283 $4.035

What was the highest gas price in NC?

The highest amount that residents of North Carolina have paid for gas is $4.52. But will it ever get higher than that? There is no guarantee that the price of gas in NC will not get this high again. It all depends on the market forces of demand and supply and the global cost of crude oil, especially as there is a reduction in crude oil production by OPEC member states and Saudi Arabia.

How much is gas in Charlotte, NC?

If you live in  Charlotte, the amount you spend on gas depends on the gas station and your location. The average price of gas in the city is $3.09. However, you can buy cheap gas in the state at the following gas stations.

Lowest Gas Prices in Charlotte
Price Station
3.03 Costco
500 Tyvola Rd

3.08 BP
825 S New Hope Rd

3.09 Speedway
3590 E Franklin Blvd

3.09 BP

3.09 Circle K
6441 Wilkinson Blvd

3.10 Sam’s Club
8909 J W Clay Blvd

3.10 BJ’s
7905 Lyles Ln

3.10 Sam’s Club
2421 Supercenter Dr. NE

3.11 Waco Stop & Shop
2135 Cherryville Rd

3.12 CITGO
911 E Church St


Why is gas cheaper in North Carolina?

Residents of North Carolina pay lower to purchase gas than the residents of states like California, Hawaii, and Florida for obvious reasons. Gas supply in the state meets the demand for the product, which makes it less competitive for gas vendors in the state. Moreover, residents of NC pay less gas tax than the residents of many states in America.

Current gas prices in NC

Why are gas prices going up in NC?

So, why are gas prices going up in NC? The answer s clear and straightforward, the sudden cut in crude oil production by the members of OPEC and Saudi Arabia. According to AAA, gas prices in North Carolina get as high as $3.36 per gallon.

Is gas cheaper in NC or SC?

Residents of North Carolina will pay more for a gallon of gas than the residents of South Carolina because the gas tax in the North is 10cents higher than the gas tax in the South, meaning for each gallon of gas, you will pay 10 cents higher than a resident of SC.

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