Why are gas prices going up in Maryland?

Why are Gas Prices Going Up in Maryland?

Following the recent development, residents of Maryland will start paying 47 cents as gas tax in the state, which also means an increased price for has in the state. Motorists and drivers in the state have asked why are gas prices going up in Maryland.

So, if you live in the state, you must brace yourself for the challenges ahead because it simply means an increased cost of living in the state. Moreover, the increase in gas prices will also lead to an increase in the price of other commodities in the state.

To answer your question, I have written this article so that, as a resident of Maryland, you will understand the reasons behind the increase in the gas tax and what it means for the residents of the state. Let’s find out!

Current gas price in MA

How much is gas in Maryland right now?

As a resident of Maryland, you will be buying a gallon of gas for a minimum price of $3.73 for regular products and $4.44 for premium gas.

The table below shows the price of gas in Maryland and how it has changed recently.

Regular Premium
Current Avg. $3.73 $4.44
Yesterday’s Avg. $3.73 $4.44
Week Ago Avg. $3.72 $4.44
Month Ago Avg. $3.73 $4.44

Why are gas prices low in Maryland?

Depending on the national average, gas prices in Maryland are not low because they are above the national average, but when compared to states like Hawaii and California, gas prices in Maryland are relatively low because residents of these states pay more to buy gas than the residents of Maryland.

Many factors determine the price of gas in each state, and usually, gas prices vary from one state to another. One of the major factors that contribute to this is the state tax rate on gas and the cost of importing gas into the state.

Why are gas prices going up in Maryland?

Why are gas prices going up in Maryland? There are many determinant factors that contribute to gas prices going up in different states, depending on the specific economic and political situations of the state. In the case of Maryland, the major factor responsible for the high cost and increasing prices of gas is the tax rate in the state. Though it is not the highest in America, it is not also the lowest. Moreover, in July 2023, the tax on gas in Maryland increased to 47 cents per gallon, leading to a further increase in the price of gas in the state.

Going further, the global price of crude oil, the cost of transporting gas into Maryland, and the demand and supply of crude oil affected by the reduction of oil production all have contributed to the continued increase in gas prices in Maryland.

What is the gas price in MA?

Is gas cheaper in Maryland or Pennsylvania?

Residents of Maryland who ask why are gas prices going up in Maryland also want to know if gas prices in the state are higher than p. Let’s find out.

Of course, in the United States, gas taxes are the major differences in gas prices between states. So, in comparison, residents of Maryland will have more on gas than the residents of Pennsylvania, saving about 63 cents more per gallon. However, as the gas tax in Maryland will increase to 43 cents in July, the amount will reduce.

Is gas cheaper in DC or Maryland?

Gas prices in Maryland are usually lower than in DC for many reasons ranging from tax rates to the cost of importing gas to the high completion of gas in DC. So, the residents of Maryland will buy gas at the average price per gallon is at $4.09, which is a bit cheaper than in D.C.; however, it is the most expensive on record according to AAA, with Montgomery County having the highest price in the state at $4.177 per gallon, followed by Howard County ($4.163), St. Mary’s County ($4.144), and Prince George’s County ($4.134)..

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