When will gas prices go down in Wisconsin?

When will Gas Prices Go Down in Wisconsin?

Have you ever asked when will gas prices go down in Wisconsin? Why did gas even go up in the state? Or, how can I buy cheap gas in Wisconsin today?

Many residents of Wisconsin ponder the rate at which gas prices have increased in the state, and they wonder if these prices will ever come down again or if they will continue going up this year.

Find the answers to these questions and similar ones you may ask in the future in this article.

Will gas prices go down in Wisconsin?

Why is gas so expensive right now in Wisconsin?

There was a fire outbreak in the Toledo refinery in Ohio, the major source of Wisconsin’s gas’ leading cut in the supply of gas to the state. Moreover, maintenance of this refinery has also contributed to the steady increase in the price of gas in the state. Another factor is the high demand for this product in Wisconsin.

How much is gas in Wisconsin today?

Residents of Wisconsin asking when will gas prices go down in Wisconsin will see the current price of gas in the state in the table below. It will help them learn how gas prices change regularly there.

Regular Mid
Current Avg. $3.492 $3.883
Yesterday Avg. $3.491 $3.868
Week Ago Avg. $3.314 $3.778
Month Ago Avg. $3.324 $3.744

What were the highest gas prices in Wisconsin?

Residents of the La Crosse area of Wisconsin were the people who suffered the highest price of gas in Wisconsin when unleaded gas was sold at $4.06 a gallon in July 2008, which was above the national average of $3.97 per gallon at that time.

When will Gas Prices Go Down in Wisconsin?

Where are the cheapest gas prices in Wisconsin?

The table below shows the lowest gas prices in Wisconsin for the residents of the state who are looking for where to buy cheap gas.

Price Station Address City
3.490 Woodman’s W124N8145 WI-145 Menomonee Falls
3.490 Sam’s Club 8050 N 124th St Milwaukee – NW
3.490 Costco W162N9235 Pershing Ave Menomonee Falls
3.540 BP 4209 W Silver Spring Dr Milwaukee – North
3.550 Clark 9040 W Silver Spring Dr Milwaukee – NW
Andy’s 4801 N 76th St Milwaukee – North
Petro Pantry 7405 W Villard Ave Milwaukee – NW
3.590 BP N86W16317 APPLETON AVE Menomonee Falls
BP 9114 W Siver Spring Dr Milwaukee – NW
3.590 Petro Mart N89W16812 Appleton Ave Menomonee Falls

When will gas prices go down in Wisconsin?

When will gas prices go down in Wisconsin? There is no specific answer to this question. However, according to experts and reports from various sources, once the maintenance of the Toledo refinery is completed, residents of Wisconsin will smile again at the pumps because gas prices will go down. However, there is no guarantee it will go down in 2023.

Is gas cheaper in Wisconsin or Illinois?

Despite the high gas prices in Wisconsin, residents of the state save more on gas than people living in Illinois. According to AAA, the average gas price in Wisconsin in 2023 is about $4.01, while in Illinois, the average price of a gallon of gas is $4.55.

Is gas more expensive in Minnesota or Wisconsin?

Gas is more expensive in Wisconsin than in Minnesota because of the state tax rate on gas in the two states. As for Wisconsin, the state gas per gallon of gas is 30.9 cents, while in Minnesota, the gas tax per gallon is 28.5 cents.

Why is gas cheaper in Wisconsin than in Illinois?

Gas taxes are what make gas prices in Wisconsin cheaper than in Illinois. Gas taxes in Illinois is the fourth highest in America at 39.1 cents per gallon of gas. On the contrary, Wisconsin pays the 11th highest gas in America at 32.9 cents for each gallon of gas in the state.

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