What is the Gas Price in PA?

What is the Gas Price in PA?

Are you a resident of Pennsylvania? Are you worried about gas prices in the state? You are not alone. Many residents of the state ask the same question as the gas process continues to increase in America. However, you will get your answer to the question, What is the gas price in PA?

In this article, I have provided the ultimate answer to any question you have about gas prices in Pennsylvania. You will also learn the factors that contribute to the high price of gas and when the price of gas will possibly fall in the state.

What is the Gas Price in PA?

Why is gas expensive in PA?

Pennsylvania has the highest tax per gallon of gas at 58 cents per gallon. Other states with high tax gas taxes are California at 57 cents a gallon and Washington at 49 cents in Washington. For this reason, gas is very expensive in PA than in most states with a lower tax rate on gas per gallon. At 9 cents, Alaska has the lowest gas tax per gallon in the United States.

Was gas ever $5 a gallon in PA?

In 2022, gas prices in PA reached their highest in the history of gas prices n the state when it was sold at $5.04 per gallon of regular blend gasoline, while premium gas was $6.18 per gallon.

What is the Gas Price in PA?

Is gas cheaper in Maryland or Pennsylvania?

Residents of Maryland will save more on gas than the residents of Pennsylvania. Whereas gas is $3.654 per gallon in Pennslyvania for regular products, residents of Maryland will buy the same quality of gas for $3.355 per gallon. Thus, you will save about 76 cents more in ga in Maryland than in Pennsylvania.

Is PA gas cheaper than NY?

In New York, gas prices are high compared to its neighbors like PA, even though Pennsylvania has more tax rate for gas than it does. The average cost of gas in PA is $365, while in New York, it is about $386 per gallon.

What is the gas price in PA?

As a resident of PA, you will see the gas prices in the state in the table below. It also shows recent changes in prices in the state.

Regular Mid-Grade
Current Avg. $3.654 $4.022
Yesterday Avg. $3.656 $4.028
Week Ago Avg. $3.667 $4.048
Month Ago Avg. $3.680 $4.066

Is gas cheaper in NJ than in PA?

Generally, gas is cheaper in New Jersey than in Pennsylvania. The average price of gas in NJ is around $3.326, while the residents of PA will buy gas at the average price of $3.654. If you live in New Jersey, you will usually save more on gas than people living in Pennsylvania.

In what state is gas the most expensive in the US?

California, Hawaii, and Florida are the three states with the most expensive gas prices in America. The average price of gas in these states is above $4.00. On the contrary, Georgia, Texas, and Arkansas are among the states with the cheapest gas in the United States of America, with an average price of $3.00 per gallon of gas.

Why is gas cheaper in PA than in Ohio?

Gas is not cheaper in PA than in Ohio. Ohio sets its gas price according to the Chicago market with access to the Canadian blend of oil, which is cheaper. As for PA, the source of its gas is the New York Harbor. Thus, its gas is imported from the Middle East and other overseas locations, making it more costly than Ohio’s gas.

Why are gas prices still high in PA?

The main reason gas is still expensive in PA is because of the high tax on gas in the state. PA has the highest tax on gas in America at 78 cents. Thus, uts residents still buy gas at a high price.

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