How can gas prices be lowered?

What is the Gas Price in Alabama?

Gas prices in Alabama are not usually stable, making the residents of the state unsure of the current gas prices. However, there are many ways to find out what is the gas price in Alabama. Read our guide on gas prices in the state.

Knowing the current gas price in your state helps you to budget your expenses, especially during this period when there is global inflation, leading to rises in various products, including gas. 

So, the residents of Alabama want to be sure how much they will buy gas for their buses and cars, which will help them know what to spend on other products.

Find out below!

Where can I buy cheap gas in Alabama?

How much is gas in Birmingham, Alabama, right now?

Residents of Birmingham will pay around $3.15 for a gallon of gas in 2023, which is above the national above, making it one of the most expensive states in terms of gas prices.

Is gas cheaper in Alabama or GA?

Residents of Alabama spend more on gas than the residents of Georgia. For a gas of gas in Alabama, you will pay an average of $3.15 per gallon, while residents in GA pay around $2.345 per gallon of gas. 

The factors that make gas less expensive in Georgia include the low tax on gas, proximity to refineries, and low demand for the product in the state.

What is the Gas Price in Alabama?

What is the gas price in Alabama?

If you are asking, what is the gas price in Alabama? Here is the answer. Residents of the state will buy a gallon of gas for an average of $3.234. The table below contains the gas price changes in Alabama from the last month to today.

Regular Mid-Grade
Current Avg. $3.152 $3.546
Yesterday Avg. $3.159 $3.548
Week Ago Avg. $3.113 $3.498
Month Ago Avg. $3.091 $3.482

Why is gas more expensive in Alabama?

Residents of Alabama usually wonder why gas is more expensive in Alabama than in most states in America. Many factors determine the price of gas in each state. Here are some f the reasons why gas s more expensive in Alabama than in states like Texas, Georgia, and Kansas. They include:

  • The global cost of crude oil
  • Government policies
  • The gas tax in Alabama
  • Limits on fuel supply
  • Increasing fuel demand
  • Summer travel
  • Fuel transportation disruptions

What are the highest gas prices ever in Alabama?

The highest gas prices ever recorded in Alabama was in 2022 when regular gas was sold for $4.613 per gallon and diesel for a pump price of $5.674. 

Is gas going up in Alabama?

Gas prices have continued to rise in Alabama this year, and it s expected to rise more this year as summer approaches. Moreover, the supply control and the high demand for gas have made it impossible for the price of gas to reduce in Alabama.

Residents of the state continue to wonder why there is much increase, and they ask when the prices will come down. However, the price may go down if the control on gas is reduced and more gas is released to meet the high demand for gas n the state. 

Moreover, the global price of gas also contributes to the slow but steady price of gas in many American states and cities, including Alabama.

Where can I buy cheap gas n Alabama?

If you are a resident of Alabama, you can buy cheap gas at the following gas stations. They include:

Price Station City
2.89 Marathon
650 Deatsville Hwy
2.91 Sam’s Club
1080 Eastern Blvd
2.93 Murphy USA
35 Kelley Blvd
2.93 Murphy Express
2189 Cobbs Ford Rd
2.94 Mapco
5550 Atlanta Hwy
2.95 Raceway
2560 Cobbs Ford Rd
2.95 Petro
3391 Main St
2.95 76
154 Deatsville Hwy
2.96 Costco
8251 Eastchase Pkwy
621 N Eastern Blvd

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