What are gas prices in Virginia?

What are Gas Prices in Virginia?

Are you a resident of Virginia? Are you a driver in the state? Probably, you worry about the price of gas and how it affects your daily life. If you are among those who ask what are gas prices in Virginia, this article is for you because I have used it to provide the correct answer to the questions you may ask.

Moreover, it will act as a guide for you, especially if you are a newcomer or visitor to the state. So, I urge you to take every piece of information contained in this blog post seriously.

When will gas price come down in Virginia?

How much is a liter of gas in Virginia?

As a resident of Virginia, especially if you are a driver in the state, you will buy a liter of gas at an average of $1.04 and a minimum of $1.00. Usually, the price undergoes changes depending on the current market forces of demand and supply and other factors like the tax rate on gas in the state, the cost of importing the product, and the global cost of crude oil, which has a direct impact on gas prices in the US.

How much is gas in West Virginia?

Residents of West Virginia can use the table below to know the price of gas in the state and the changes it has undergone over time.

Regular Mid-Grade
Yesterday’s Avg. $3.44 $3.75
Week Ago Avg. $3.44 $3.75
Month Ago Avg. $3.51 $3.79

Why are Virginia gas prices so high?

Actually, the gas prices in Virginia are not high compared to states like Hawaii, California, Florida, and New York State. However, in comparison to states like Texas, Oklahoma, Georgia, Arkansas, and Kansas, gas prices are very high in Virginia.

The major determinant of gas prices in Virginia is the global price of crude oil because it accounts for about 50% of how much you buy gas. Other factors include the tax rate, demand and supply, and the cost of importing gas into Virginia.

What are gas prices in Virginia?

According to reports from AAA, the table below contains the average gas prices and the change they went through in 2023. You will get the answer to the question, what are gas prices in Virginia?

Regular Mid-Grade
Current Avg. $3.302 $3.708
Yesterday Avg. $3.302 $3.711
Week Ago Avg. $3.317 $3.731
Month Ago Avg. $3.325 $3.744

Who provides gas in Virginia?

It is the job of Virginia Natural Gas to operate and maintain natural gas pipes, read meters, and distribute natural gas to every home and neighborhood in southeast Virginia. Its primary duty is to make sure that every household gets enough gas to cater to its needs.

How much is gas in Virginia?

Where does Virginia get gas from?

Virginia is one of the oil-producing states in America. Thus, it has oil wells where it stores natural gas for its residents. The state has seven natural gas fields in the southeastern counties, where it gets its gas.

However, the state only accounts for 1% of America’s gas reserve and production.

How much is natural gas in Virginia?

The current price of natural gas in Virginia Natural Gas is $15.61 per month; it went down from $18.92 last month but went up from 14.85 one year ago, accounting for a change of -17.49% from the previous month and 5.12% from last year.

Where is natural gas located in Virginia?

You can find natural gas fields and deposits in the following counties in Virginia: Buchanan, Dickenson, Russell, Tazewell, and Wise counties in the Appala- chian Plateau of southwest Virginia and Rock- ingham County in the Valley and Ridge province. Furthermore, Scott and Wash- ington counties and the Valley and Ridge area have produced gas in Virginia before.

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