What are gas prices in Texas?

What are Gas Prices in Texas?

Among other things, gas prices determine our standard of living. It is quite the same with the residents of Texas who ask the question, what are gas prices in Texas? They always like to know how much they will spend buying gas either daily or weekly. Moreover, with the increasing prices of every commodity, including gas, people want to know how to manage their hard-earned money.

Knowing the price of gas in Texas will also help residents know how much they can save from their earnings. Learn more about gas prices in Texas. Find out the answer to the question, what are Gas Prices in Texas? Plus, other related questions that are bothering you as a driver in Texas.

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How much is gas in Texas right now?

The current gas price in Texas in 2023 is $3.86 for regular products. Drivers who need premium or mid-grade products will pay a higher price for them. The table below contains the recent change in gas prices in Texas this year.

  • Regular gas: $3.086
  • Mid-grade gas: $3.481
  • Premium gas: $3.811
  • Diesel: $$3.330

The prices below are according to AAA statistics. The gas prices may still go down at any point this year.

What is the highest gas price in Texas?

The gas price in Texas was in 2022 when residents of the state bought gas at $4.88 per gallon. The main cause of the rise of gas that was the global pandemic and high cost of living.

How much is gas in Dallas, Texas?

Residents of Dallas, Texas, who drive cars and buses that use gas will buy gas at the state at an average price of $3.22. However, the price can increase or decrease depending on the gas station and the current economic condition o the state. The table below shows how it changes over time in the city.

Current Avg. $3.2 $3.88
Yesterday’s Avg. $3.2 $3.88
Week Ago Avg. $3.19 $3.88
Month Ago Avg. $3.49 $4.18

How much is gas in Houston, Texas?

Currently, the retail gas price in Houston is $3.109. It went up from $3.073 last week; however, it came down from #4.317 one year ago. Usually, the prices are not static.

What are Gas Prices in Texas - Gaspricery

What are gas prices in Texas?

The average retail price of gas price in Texas Retail $3.139. It came down from $4.165 one last year. The price can go up or down at any time. So, residents of Texas must be vigilant to understand when it will go up or down, depending on the current situation.

How much is gas in Texas per liter?

So, what are gas prices in Texas? The average gas price in Texas per liter in 2023 is 0.92 U.S. You must bear in mind that this price can change at any time. Moreover, changes in global production and the war in Ukraine can lead to changes in the price of gas this year in Texas.

Is gas more expensive in Texas?

Gas is not more expensive in Texas. Texas is one of the states in the United States of America with the lowest gas prices. In fact, for the fact that Texas is an oil-producing state makes gas less expensive in the state.

The factors that make gas to be less expensive in Texas include proximity to refineries, low cost of living in Texas, low tax rate on gas, and low demand for gas by the residents of Texas.

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