What are Gas Prices in Colorado?

What are Gas Prices in Colorado?

Buying gas is one of the major concerns of car drivers in Colorado because it determines what else they can buy. For the residents of Colorado, it is not different because their daily lives depend on the amount they spend on gas. Thus, most of them ask, What are gas prices in Colorado?

So, if you are among those asking, what are gas prices in Colorado? Then, you will need to read this article to the end.

This page outlines all the information about gas prices in Colorado, which means it will provide answers to the above question and similar queries.

What are Gas Prices in Colorado?

How much is regular gas in Colorado right now?

If you are a resident of Colorado and you ask, what are gas prices in Colorado, right now, you get the information in the table below.

Price Station Address
2.89 Sinclair 2160 S Havana St Aurora May 9,7:13 PM 2160 S Havana St
2.98 Phillips 66 691 E 120th Ave Thornton May 9,7:18 PM 691 E 120th Ave
2.98 Costco 16375 Washington St Thornton May 9,5:38 PM 16375 Washington St
2.99 Circle K 225 W South Boulder Rd Lafayette May 10,2:42 AM 225 W South Boulder Rd

How much is a liter of gas in Colorado?

A liter of gas in Colorado will cost residents of the state about $1.04, making it one of the states with the cheapest gas in America. However, as shown in the table above, it can vary depending on your location and gas station.

How much is gas in Denver, Colorado, right now?

The average cost of gas in Denver, Colorado, is $2.89 per gallon. However, drivers in the state must know that they can spend higher for premium gas in Colorado. Plus, your location and the gas station can make the price to become higher.

Does Colorado have high gas prices?

At $2.89 per gallon, Colorado does not have high gas prices. The average cost of gas in America is about $2.87. So, its average price is lower than the national average.

What are Gas Prices in Colorado?

What are gas prices in Colorado?

The table below contains the cost of buying gas in Colorado. It provides the answer to the residents of the state, asking, what are gas prices in Colorado?

Regular Premium
Current Avg. $3.477 $4.131
Yesterday Avg. $3.479 $4.136
Week Ago Avg. $3.473 $4.130
Month Ago Avg. $3.418 $4.074

Why is gas so cheap in Colorado?

One of the major reasons why gas is so cheap in Colorado is that the state has one of the lowest tax rates on petroleum products. The tax rate on gas in the state is only 22 cents. However, it has gone up in 2023 to 22 cents after the bill was delayed. The extra 2 cents is to cut the cost of transporting the product.

Where does Colorado get its gas?

Suncor Energy is the only refinery in Colorado and provides more than 50% of the oil used in the state. However, it paused production last year, and the state has to look for other sources to get its oil.

For now, six interstate pipelines┬áprovide oil and gas products to Colorado, according to reports from API. However, the Magellan’s Chase Pipeline is the only pipeline from Kansas to the state.

Why is Colorado gas becoming so expensive?

Residents of Colorado who ask, what are gas prices in Colorado, also ask why gas is becoming so expensive in the state. There is one obvious answer to this question. The closure of Suncor Energy, the only refinery in the state.

Thus, Colorado has to import 100% of its gas and other petroleum products, leading to an increase in price since late December 2022.

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