What are Gas Prices in Akron Ohio?

Are you a resident of Akron, Ohio? Are you worried about gas prices in the city? Truly, Ohio is one of the states with the highest gas prices in America. It is not surprising for its residents to ask about the price of gas there. But what are gas prices in Akron, Ohio?

It does not matter whether you are a resident, a visitor, or just a newcomer to Akron, Ohio, you will get the perfect answer to this question here.

Where can I buy cheap gas in Akron?

How much is a gallon of gas in Ohio?

The average price of gas n Ohio is %$3.715. However, residents of the state can buy gas at a higher or lower price depending on the time of the year, their location, and the gas station.

Moreover, the prices are not stable and can change at any time, as shown in the table below.

Regular Premium
Current Avg. $3.595 $4.412
Yesterday Avg. $3.618 $4.428
Week Ago Avg. $3.449 $4.263
Month Ago Avg. $3.628 $4.433

When was gas $4 a gallon in Ohio?

In 2008, the price of gas n Ohio reached its historic height at the price of $4.18 at that time. It was a period of pain for the residents of major cities n the state, including Akron and Columbus. Since then, the state has continued experiencing the price of gas getting to $4 and coming down.

Was gas ever 5 dollars a gallon in Ohio?

Another moment of despair for the residents of Ohio on the pumps was in 2022 when gas prices in the state got to their highest in the history of gas prices in Ohio. Drivers in the state were buying regular gas for $5.

How much is gas in Ohio right now?

Residents of Akron, Ohio, who ask what are gas prices in Akron Ohio will like to know the current gas process in the state. Recently, drivers and residents of Ohio will be buying a gallon of gas for $3.613 for regular gas and $4.479 for premium gas.

What are gas prices in Akron Ohio?

What are gas prices in Akron Ohio, today? As a resident of Akron, Ohio, you will buy a gallon of gas for the same price as other residents of Ohio. Thus, for a gallon of regular gas, you will spend an average of $3.715 and an average of $4.184 for premium gas.

However, the prices will likely differ depending on factors like the time of the year, your location, the demand for gas in Ohio, and others. So, you must consider all this when asking what are gas prices in Akron Ohio.

Why are gas prices so high in Ohio?

The major cause for high gas prices in Ohio in 2023 was the decision of OPEC members and Saudi Arabia to cut crude oil production, which affected the price of crude oil globally. Much more, it had a great influence on the price of gas in America, including Ohio.

Another factor is that the state is far from refineries, especially in Northern Ohio, which is some 6,700 miles away.

How much is gas in Cleveland Ohio?

Residents of Akron, who ask what are gas prices in Akron Ohio, also want to find out the gas prices in Cleveland. You can see that in the table below

Price Station Address
3.15 Circle K 1343 Tallmadge Rd Brimfield 1343 Tallmadge Rd
3.17 Circle K 935 E Tallmadge Ave Akron 935 E Tallmadge Ave
3.19 BP 850 N Mantua St Kent 850 N Mantua St
3.19 Miller’s Gas 711 Wooster St Lodi 711 Wooster St

How much is gas in Columbus Ohio?

Residents of Columbus enjoy the lowest gas prices in Ohio. Find out how much gas costs in the city using the table below.

Price Station Address
2.99 Sheetz 1380 Bethel Rd Columbus 1380 Bethel Rd
2.99 Marathon 1401 Bethel Rd Columbus 1401 Bethel Rd
3.22 Kroger 6011 Groveport Rd Groveport 6011 Groveport Rd
3.25 BP 3909 Alum Creek Dr Obetz 3909 Alum Creek Dr


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