How much is the Gas Price in Mexico?

If you are planning to move to Mexico from America, there are various factors you will put into consideration. And there are many questions you must ask. One of them is how much is the gas price in Mexico.

Many American citizens and residents plan to cross the border over to Mexico for many reasons. Some are going into the country for business trips, some for tourism, and others for different reasons.

Whatever your reason is, knowing the gas prices in Mexico s very important because it will help you to set your budget.

Moreover, it will determine how long you will stay in the country.

It could even influence your decision on whether to drive or use public transport in Mexico.

Find the gas prices in Mexico before embarking on your journey into the country this year.

How much is a liter of gas in Mexico?

Residents of Mexico, especially Americans, will know the importance of gas prices, and they inquire to know how much they will buy a liter of gas in the country. In Mexico, a liter of gas costs an average of $1.33 (Mex$ 23).

At this price, gas is costlier in Mexico than in the United States, where gas per liter is sold for an average of $1.012.

Is gas cheaper in the US or Mexico?

If you are traveling to Mexico from the United States, you might wonder if gas is cheaper in Mexico than in America. A liter of gas in Mexico is $1.33 (Mex$ 23), while a liter of gas in the US is $1.012.

So, drivers in the United States of America save more money on gas than the residents of Mexico per liter of gas.

Is the gas in Mexico a liter or a gallon?

In Mexico, gas is measured in liters, unlike in the United States, where it is measured in gallons. Usually, it takes about four liters of gas to get a gallon of gas. However, residents of America can still buy gas in liters at some gas stations.

Are gas prices high in Mexico?

Gas prices are high in Mexico when compared to America. However, in comparison to other countries, it is cheaper.

There has been a steady but slow increase in the price of gas in Mexico since 1992, when a liter was an average of 0.90 USD to 2023. A liter of gas in Mexico in 2023 is an average of 1.25 USD.

The lowest price of gas per liter in Mexico was in 1995, when it had a record low of 0.32 USD/Liter in December of that year.

A man buying gas in Mexico

How much is the gas price in Mexico?

Just like gas prices in America, the price of gas in Mexico depends on many factors, like the cost of importing gas, tax rate, the global price of crude oil, and the demand for the product.

In addition to these factors, your location in Mexico and the gas station also determine how you will buy gas in Mexico.

Therefore, if you ask, How much is the gas price in Mexico? You must consider all these factors.

Let’s find out gas prices in various cities in Mexico below.

Mexico City 20.7
Yucatán 20.69
Baja California 20.65
Michoacán de Ocampo 20.63

How much is fuel in Mexico in US dollars?

American students who ask what is the gas price in Mexico also want to know the price of gas in American Dollars. The table below will highlight the gas prices in Mexico in Euros and American Dollars.

Mexico Gasoline prices Litre Gallon
MXN 24.190 91.569
USD 1.385 5.243
EUR 1.293 4.895


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